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Garage Water Damage Restoration inĀ Edison, & East Brunswick

Garage water damage happens due to continuous ignorance of water damage. Some signs like musty odor, peeling paint, stains, and discoloration are just some common signs that indicate you have water damage in your garage. Whenever you notice anything like that you should contact a professional for effective water removal. ServiceMaster Professional Restoration is here in Edison, East Brunswick, Bridgewater, Somerset, Middlesex, and other cities to assist you with any water damage restoration services.

Collage image of appliance leaks, roof leaks, and burst pipes causing water damage.

Common Causes of Water Damage in Bridgewater

Poorly sealed garage doors can let rainwater and melting snow infiltrate, resulting in water damage. In such cases, temperature fluctuations can cause condensation, leading to moisture buildup that eventually causes water damage. There are a few other factors responsible for garage water damage. Such as,

Structural damage and growth of mold and mildew, causing damage to belongings.

Effects of Water Damage in the Garage

Garage water damage can have a significant impact on the structure and everything you store inside. Additionally, it poses health risks. The effect of water damage can be severe and challenging to deal with.

Water damage in a garage.

Importance of Quick Response

Any water damage or standing water in your garage doesn't always lead to structural damage. However, if you ignore the signs then it might lead to mold growth and structural damage. Over time the situation will get worse. Thus, it is important to take immediate action to minimize future damage. Taking professional help can help you to solve these issues effectively.

Ensure Your Comfort with Us!

At ServiceMaster Professional Restoration, our professionals are anĀ IICRC-certified and insured company. We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to help you with any water damage restoration. Whether it's an emergency or not you can always rely on us. We focus on indoor air quality and comfort. Call us at 732-800-6262 for emergencies and get a free estimation today. You can also reach us online for any water damage, mold damage, or storm damage services.

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