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Water Damage Restoration & Mold Remediation in Highland-Park

Are you experiencing water damage? Or suspect mold growth? Don’t panic! We understand the urgency and stress that comes with water damage. Here, at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration, we offer comprehensive solutions to your water and mold damage issues. You can rely on our professionals for any water damage restoration.

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Act Now & Restore Your Water Damaged Property

Sometimes even minor issues can lead to water damage and mold growth. Thus, whenever you notice any water-related issues at your home you should act upon it as soon as possible. Effective water damage restoration will help you to prevent further damage. Such as,

How To Deal With Water Damage?

  1. Turn off the water source
  2. Remove furniture from the affected area
  3. Remove any standing water
  4. Open windows and doors to dry out the area
  5. Call a professional for effective water restoration

Taking these actions can help you to effectively restore your property. However, you can skip these steps if you can't find the source of the water, or if it's too risky for you to do that. Wait for professionals to come they will restore the damaged property effectively.

What's the Proper Way to Clean Mold?

Mold usually grows in damp areas. As it has small spores that travel throughout the air it grows faster than you imagine. Even leaving a tiny amount of mold while cleaning can make it thrive again. So, how do you stop the cycle?

To do that first, you have to find the source of the mold and test the mold type. Finding the source and mold type will allow you to take the right remediation method. You can leave the work to professionals. As they have the necessary skills and equipment for effective mold remediation.

Ensure a Better Home with ServiceMaster Professional Restoration

While you have the initial urge to fix everything by yourself, relying on professionals can be helpful. It will save you time, energy, and money in the long run. You can trust our professionals for any water damage, storm damage, or mold prevention.

Our professionals are IICRC certified and use the latest technology to restore your property effectively. Our services are available in Highland Park. Just dial 732-800-6262 or leave a message online for any restoration services. We will get back to you soon after hearing from you.