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Water Damaged Classification in Edison, Bridgewater, & East Brunswick

Water damage is a nightmare for property owners. But before you panic, identifying the water type is important. It will allow you to make the right decision while effectively restoring your property.

Additionally, it will help you to claim the insurance properly with a fair amount. At ServiceMaster Professional Restoration, our experts will classify the water while restoring your property effectively. Rely on us for any water damage restoration.

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Water Contamination Category

Category One (Clean Water): Mainly originates from sanitary sources and poses minimal risk (5% or less).

Category Two (Grey Water): Contains moderate level of contamination (5%-40%) that may cause sickness.

Category Three (Black Water): Grossly contaminated water (40% or more) and poses serious health risks.

Source of Water by Category

Category 1:

Category 2:

Category 3:

Our Water Damage Classification Process

Water damage classification is the second step of our water damage restoration process. It is mainly done to choose the customized restoration process for your specific property. The classification process follows,

Through Assessment: Inspect the affected areas thoroughly and measure the damage extent.

Classification: Using the latest technology we identify water classification and moisture level.

Expert Solution: Based on the classification our experts take the necessary steps to restore damaged property.

Get Experts Help to Restore Your Water Damaged Property

Experiencing Water Damage? Let us help you to give you an effective solution while identifying the classification of the water type. Based on the result, our experts in ServiceMaster Professional Restoration will start the restoration process. If disinfection is needed we will do that as well.

Just give us a call at 732-800-6262 for any type of water damage restoration. You can also knock us online to schedule an appointment with us in Bridgewater, Somerset, Edison, East Brunswick, and other NJ cities.