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Black Mold Remediation in Edison and Bridgewater

The common source of mold growth is water damage. Water disasters like floods, leaks, or even heavy storms can sometimes lead to water disasters. If you somehow fail to do proper water removal it will damage your property along with mold growth.

Sometimes it also happens from hidden leaks or moisture issues that you failed to identify. Whatever the case is if you suspect mold or identify mold at your place you should seek professionals to help you get rid of this mold as soon as possible. At ServiceMaster Professional Restoration, our experts are experienced and knowledgeable. You can rely on our experts to get rid of your mold issues.

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Causes of Black Mold Growth in East Brunswick & Annandale

Water is one of the main sources of mold growth. However, it is important to know the source of this water that's leading to mold growth. Multiple water damage causes that could lead to black mold growth. Those are:

Our Black Mold Remediation Process in Edison & Somerset, NJ

Inspect: Inspect your area to find both visible and hidden mold and determine the extent of the damage.

Plan: Develop a customized plan to ensure effective mold removal.

Detect Leaks: Detect the source of the leak and provide an effective solution.

Clean: Clean and remove mold from the structure.

Disinfection & Sanitize: Disinfect & sanitize the area to promote healthy indoor air.

Rely on Mold Testing to Ensure a Better Living Environment

Every black mold is not toxic. The existence of mycotoxins makes the mold toxic and make it dangerous. Leaving this mold untreated will make it come back. It is important to do a mold test to find the hidden mold and use specific mold remediation techniques. This process will allow you to have a mold-free area.

What Should I Do When I Discover Black Mold at My Property?

  • Try to keep the HVAC system or fan off. It will keep the room in high humidity and will help mold to grow.
  • If the mold is in a specific area or room then keep the room closed. Keep your kids and pets away from the affected area.
  • If you could find the source of mold growth then find it and stop water leakage or so. Maintain your safety while doing it.

Actions to Avoid When You Spot Black Mold at Your Property 

  • Don't touch the mold with your hand.
  • Don't try to remove mold with a bleach solution.
  • Don't attempt to dry the moldy area by yourself. If it dries up and falls off it will be even dangerous. As the mold spores will be on the air now.
  • Don't paint over the affected area without removing mold.

Effective Remediation & Professionals' Help

Whether it's black mold or just mold, it will return if you fail to remove it effectively. Even leaving a tiny amount of mold spores or moisture can make it come back. Furthermore, it's important to find the actual source of the water to remove it effectively. This is where the professional comes in. Professionals will help you to remove mold while detecting its source effectively. They will also provide you with an effective solution.

Mold & Your Health

The mold itself is bad news for you. And as for black mold, it is toxic and dangerous for you and your health. If you come in contact with black mold it might cause skin irritation and allergen issues for you.

Additionally, this can worsen the respiratory diseases. If you ever see any black mold don't try to remove it with your hand. Try to seek help from professionals for effective removal. Moreover, professionals will remove the mold while ensuring your safety.

Black Mold on Wooden Surface

Mold usually grows on a porous surface like concrete or wooden floor. Wood absorbs water easily and adding war temperature makes the perfect condition for mold to grow.

However, don't use vinegar or bleach to remove the mold. It will discolor your wooden floor while leaving a musty odor. Rely on the profession to get rid of mold from wooden floors.

Inspect Your Area After Water Damage

Sometimes water disasters leave small damage to your home. These damages are hard to identify and in some cases, you ignore them as it does not create any major issues.

However, it's better to rely on a professional for an inspection and identification of water-related issues. Professionals will identify the issues while solving them effectively. At ServiceMaster Professional Restoration, our experts provide a free estimation, you can rely on us for an inspection at your place.

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