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Smoke Damaged Drywall in Edison & East Brunswick

Fire disaster is terrifying and devastating. However, the danger doesn't stop with the flame extinguishing. It leaves soot and smoke behind that adds an extra layer of pressure to you. Smoke can damage your belongings, walls, and ceiling.

Drywall is also part of it as it's a common building material. This might leave your home with lingering odors and stains on your drywall. But don't worry! ServiceMaster Professional Restoration's experts are here to restore your smoke damage property.

Smoke the Enemy

Smoke is the Real Enemy

Normally it is a common thinking that if you stop the fire then the danger is gone. However, there is another enemy which is smoke. Smoke not only causes breathing problems but also it causes damage to your belongings. Moreover, Once smoke appears to enter your wall, ceiling, and belongings it's hard to remove. Furthermore, it causes property damages like:

  • Staining and Discoloration
  • Overpowering Smells
  • Toxic Buildup
smoke damage restoration process

Smoke-Damaged Drywall Restoration Process in Bridgewater

Through Assessment: A thorough assessment is done to identify the hidden damage, potential mold growth, smoke-affected area, the extent of contamination, and materials that are affected.

Clean & Deodorize: The specialist will use special methods and techniques to remove soot and smoke from walls, ceilings, or other surfaces. After cleaning experts will use deodorize to eliminate the lingering odor.

Surface Repair: After cleaning and deodorizing, the restoration team will assess the damage to the area. The section will be removed and replaced for heavy smoke damage or warped drywall with a new section.

Structural Restoration: After all these processes a final inspection and assessment is done to ensure structural stability. This ensures your safety and well-being.

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Restoring the Drywalls Based on Damage Type

The restoration depends on the level of damage. The damage can be classified as:

Minor Smoke Stains: A specialized Cleaning solution can remove the stain without harming drywall paint.

Light Sanding: The smoke leaves minor or noticeable smoke stains requiring a specialized solution.

Drywall Replacement: Heavility damage and warped drywall need to be removed with a new drywall section.

Smoke and fire damage repair

Commonly Overlooked Smoke-Damaged Contents

Smoke damage is often hard to identify. It is not necessary to have a fire disaster in your home to get your belongings damaged. Even if the fire occurs in another apartment or neighboring rooms the smoke might damage your belongings in some cases.

  • Electric Devices ( TV, Smartphones, Tablets, etc)
  • Appliances (HVAC System)
  • Clothes and Shoes
  • Curtains and Linens
  • Upholstery, Carpet, and Rugs
  • Sentimental Items (Books, Photos, Artwork)
health effects of smoking on your body

Smoke Damage & Health Risk

Respiratory Problems: Inhalation of smoke might lead to coughing wheezing, and shortness of breath.

Eye Irritation: Smoke can irritate eyes, watering and itching.

Skin Irritation: If you have sensitive skin then smoke might cause skin irritation to you.

Long-Term Issues: If you don't fix the issues it might lead to heart disease or other chronic health issues in the future.

fire damage restoration services are available

Other Fire Damage Services We Provide

AT ServiceMaster Professional Restoration, our experts provide a wide range of restoration services to ensure a safe home for you. We understand the value of your property and belonging to you. Thus our professional team is there for you 24/7. You can rely on us for:

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