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Water Damage & Fire Damage Restoration in West Windsor

Water and fire disasters, both events are unexpected and unwanted. But once the disaster happens, restoration services become the top priority. However, effective restoration might be a concerting thing. You won't even know whether the restoration is effective or not until there is severe damage.

Don't stress yourself and put your property in danger at a time like this. Get your property restored with certified professionals. Our experts at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration are IICRC-certified experts. They will help you with effective restoration services.

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Water & Fire Damage Restoration Process

Assess the damage: An initial assessment is done to address the water and fire damage issues. We also make our restoration plan at this stage to effectively restore the area.

Secure the property: Sometimes fire damage does severe harm to your property. If the property needs any board-up services then we will do that. This will prevent further property damage.

Water extraction: We will extract water from the area and ensure that the area is dried properly.

Content Restoration: Water in a fire disaster can also damage your property. Our experts will help you to recover and restore all the valuable content.

Drying & Dehumidifying: After that, we will dry the area properly to make sure it doesn't grow mold in the future.

Reconstruction: If a reconstruction is needed then we will also do that to ensure it's in its pre-loss condition.

Disinfecting: We will sanitize and disinfect the area to ensure better indoor air quality for you.

Benefits of Professional Restoration

Restoring your property with our professionals will help you to have a stable property. It will also ensure durability. Our expert restoration also provides:

  • Expert Damage Assessment
  • Fast Restoration
  • Content Restoration
  • Insurance Claim Benefits
  • Mold Growth Prevention
  • Safety Ensured
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality

What to Do During a Water Disaster?

Acting fast is the key whenever you run into any water disaster. Specially, if the surface is porous then it would do more damage over time. An effective and immediate restoration is required to prevent water damage. Thus, you need to call an expert as soon as you face any water disaster. There are some other things that you need to do before the professionals come:

  • Stop the main water source
  • Turn off the electricity
  • Remove the furniture
  • Wait for professionals to come

If these steps challenge your safety then avoid these steps and wait for professionals.

Fire Disaster & It's Challenges

Smoke Damage Restoration

After any fire damage, you might think the main culprit is gone. However, smoke is another enemy that you need to get rid of. It can do severe damage to your property.

Moreover, if the smoke gets into your belongings and contents it would degrade the indoor air quality. Thus, professional smoke damage restoration is important. You can rely on us at 732-800-6262 to ensure your property is safe.

Smoke Odor Removal

It's another substance or effect of fire damage. The odor gets inside your belongings and makes the whole room smelly. This odor also causes breathing issues. Most importantly, if you have lung issues then it will get worse for you over time.

You will also feel discomfort and fatigue after inhaling the smoke. However, our restoration team will help you with smoke odor removal. Our experts will ensure that the indoor air quality is safe and fresh for you.

Claim the Insurance for Damaged Property with Us

After any fire damage and water damage it is important to claim your insurance to get fair coverage. However, this process might become a hassle when you have so many things to take care of after a disaster. Thus, you can rely on our experts to help you with your fire and water damage insurance claim.

We work daily with the insurance company. Thus we can get the work done more professionally than you. Whether it's a water damage or fire damage insurance claim, you can trust us with the whole process.

Get Emergency Restoration Services with Us

Disasters never inform you before happening. It's always an unexpected event. At a time like this, you would need a quick and effective solution. Thus, our experts are here in Edison, Bridgewater, and East Brunswick helping people to restore their property.

We understand the importance and value of your property. That's why we are providing 24/7 emergency services to you. Keep your property safe with us.

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Need restoration services? Rely on us. We use the latest technology to restore your property effectively. Our experts have more than 25 years of experience. We ensure customer satisfaction with our quality work.

We have 4.9/5 stars on our customer reviews. You can call us at 732-800-6262 for any restoration services. You can also contact us now if you are from West Windsor, Cranbury, Princeton, and more cities we serve.


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