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Water & Fire Damage Restoration in Raritan

After the strike of a fire disaster, people usually focus on fire damage. Like burned property, soot, and other restoration. However, the water you use to extinguish the fire can also damage your property. If you ignore the water then it might lead to mold growth in the future.

At a time like this, you might need both water-damage and fire-damaged restoration.
Don’t Panic! Stay calm and call 732-800-6262. ServiceMaster Professional Restoration’s expert professionals will be at your service soon after they hear from you.

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Common Property Damage Due to Fire & Water

Structural Damage: Both fire and water can weaken the structure and potentially lead to collapse.

Mold Growth: Water penetration in porous surfaces might lead to mold growth within a few days.

Staining & Discoloration: Both fire and water disaster leaves stains and discolor the wall, ceiling, or other property.

Warped Wood: This might happen due to water damage and often requires repair services.

Appliances Damaged: Appliances like air conditioners, dishwashers, clothes dryers, freezers, refrigerators, and more might get damaged due to a fire disaster.

Electrical Damage: Fire and water damage can pose a safety hazard and require replacement in some cases.

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Importance of Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Restoring your water or fire-damaged property will allow you to protect your investment. It will also improve your indoor air quality while ensuring a safe environment for you. Additionally, it offers:

  • Prevent long-term damage
  • Preserves property value
  • Protects your health
  • Ensures safety and security
  • Ensures peace of mind
  • Prevents mold damage
  • Ensures structural integrity
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Our Emergency Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Emergency Services: Whenever an emergency like this arises you can rely on our professionals. We are available 24/7 to ensure your safety.

Damage Recovery: We will restore your fire and water-damaged property and return it to its pre-damaged condition. We offer quick and effective support to our customers.

Insurance Claim: Our experts will help you with a proper insurance claim.

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Inspect Your Property & Ensure Your Safety

After any disaster, it’s better to inspect your property. Even if the fire disaster happened in your neighbor's house the smoke can potentially damage your property in some cases. Similarly, after any heavy flood or water disaster you should get your property inspected through a professional.

A professional will inspect your area thoroughly and try to identify potential damages. If any damages are found they will provide an effective solution. This will allow you to prevent future damage and huge repair costs.

 tips for preventing water damage

Prevent Water Damage in the Future

  • Get your plumbing system checked by a professional promptly.
  • After any flood or leaks get your area checked through a professional.
  • Pay attention to your appliance, if it needs a replacement then replace it.
  • Get your place checked during winter or rainy season.
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Claim Water Damage & Fire Damage Insurance with Us!

Water damage and fire damage disasters make a total mess. In a time like that making proper documentation without any mistake is hard to do. Your claim might get canceled as well. Instead of that, rely on claiming your insurance.

Our experts will help you to claim your insurance with proper documentation. We will collect all the documents and claim your water or fire insurance with fair pricing. We will do the whole process for you.

Rely on Our Experts for Effective Restoration

At ServiceMaster Professional Restoration, our experts have more than 25 years of experience in restoration and cleaning. We know how to handle the restoration process effectively. Our experts understand your emotional attachment and financial investment in your property.

Prioritizing that we try to restore your property in Raritan, Somerville, Bridgewater, and other areas we serve. You can contact us or call us at 732-800-6262. We are available 24/7 for any emergencies you need.

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