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Board Up Service for Disaster in Edison, & Bridgewater

Your property is in a vulnerable state after any disaster. Windows and doors are damaged ad severe cases there might be severe structural damage. However, it is important to restore your property immediately to ensure the safety of your family members.

The reconstruction or remodeling process might take a few days to get your life back to normalcy. Till then you need a board-up service to keep your home safe and get back to your normal life fastest. You can rely on ServiceMaster Professional Restoration for any disaster restoration or board-up services.

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Benefits of Board-Up Service in East Brunswick

  • Protection from the elements like wind, rain, and debris.
  • Board-up services minimize further damage to your property.
  • Enhances security while preventing any potential theft and more.
  • Reduced the risk of mold growth while preventing water and moisture intrusion.
  • Board-up services can work as evidence and help you with your insurance claim.
  • It ensures your peace of mind while creating a secure place for the time being.

When Do You Need Board-up Services?

Broken Windows & Doors: Broken windows and doors can leave your place in a vulnerable state and security risk.

Visible Roof Damage: This can leave rainwater, dust, and debris inside your house and make the damage more severe.

Exposed Walls or Opening: Exposed walls or any gaps can further add up to the damage and make it severe.

What to Do After Any Disaster?

Safety First: When disaster happens the first thing to do is ensure your safety. Find a safe place and ensure your safety first.

Document the Damage: Document the damage while maintaining your safety.

Seek Help: Professional restoration is required to restore your property. Along with board-up services to ensure your safety.

Remember that, if the second step is hard for you to do then skip it and rely on our professionals. Our experts will help you with documentation and more.

Leave the Insurance Claim to Us!

We understand how hard it is for you to do the documentation for your insurance at the time of disaster. Moreover, making proper documentation can be challenging at times like this.

Because even on simple mistake can cancel out your insurance or you might not get fair pricing. However, you can rely on our experts. They will do proper documentation and make sure to cover every policy and homeowner's insurance. We will help you get fair pricing

How Much Does a Board-up Service Cost?

The cost of a board-up service depends on the damage severity, size of your property, complexity of your property, and many more. If you need a board-up service then you can talk to our professional to have a detailed idea about the cost. Moreover, Our experts provide a free estimation. This will help you to have a clear idea.

Can You Boad-up Your Property by Yourself?

It's recommended to get professional help when it comes to board-up services. As improperly done board up will not do any benefit to you. Moreover, it will waste your energy, time, and money. Don't put yourself under so much pressure, especially in a disastrous situation. Rely on professionals and save your peace of mind.

Disaster Board Up Services We Provide

Fire Damage: If your fire-damaged property is severely damaged and requires board-up services you can rely on us.

Water Damage: Water-damaged property can do severe structural damage and might require board-up services.

Storm Damage: Severe storms, floods, or tornadoes can severely damage your property. To restore it initial board-up is required.

Tarp Over: Usually a tarp over is done if the roof is damaged to a great extent.

It's not just for broad-up services, you can also rely on us for property restoration, construction, roof replacement, or remodeling services.

We Provide Quick & Effective Solution!

We understand the urgency and necessity of quick services. Especially when it is water, fire, or storm damage immediate restoration and board-up service is needed to minimize the damage. You can trust our experts for quick and effective solutions.

We have experience for more than 25 years and are available 24/7/365. Thus, our experts know how to handle any situation professionally and effectively. We will do a quick board to initially secure your property. Then, if your property needs reconstruction we will do that as well.

Ensure Your Safety with Us!

At ServiceMaster Professional Restoration, our experts are IICRC certified. We use the latest technology to ensure effective and quick results. Our experts work directly with insurance companies and can help you with your insurance claim. You can trust us for any restoration services. Our experts complete every project efficiently while maintaining clear communication with our customers.

Our experts have 4.9/5 customer reviews. We are available in Edison, Bridgewater, East Brunswick, Union, and more cities in New Jersey. Give us a call at 732-800-6262 or else contact us now to ensure a better and safer home.