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Indoor Air Quality Refinement in Woodbridge & Staten Island

Indoor air quality refinement is required after a fire damage restoration as smoke, ashes, soot, and some other chemicals continue to be released into the air following that fire damage. A proper refinement of the indoor air can protect your health and the air quality of your house by reducing all particulate matter and chemicals.

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Importance of Refinement of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is directly connected to health and well-being. Humans need to spend a large amount of time indoors. Breathable air that's free of health-threatening pollutants can lead to a higher quality of life. It lowers the risk of respiratory illness and reduces the risk of various chronic conditions.

Higher air quality is believed to help prevent the onset of some diseases, including asthma. Proper removal of health-threatening pollutants in time can result in improved public health and environmental benefits.

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