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Water Damage Inspection in Edison & Bridgewater

Professional water damage inspection is crucial after any damage. It’s the first and one of the most important parts of the effective restoration process. It will help you to identify the hidden damages while taking the necessary steps for it.

Thus, it is better to rely on a professional for restoration after water damage. You can rely on ServiceMaster Professional Restoration for effective water damage restoration in Bridgewater, Somerset, Edison, Middlesex, and other NJ cities.

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Our Water Damage Restoration Process in East Brunswick

Restoring water or flood-damaged property is not a simple task to do. From drying to restoring your property follow multiple steps to effectively restore your property. Sometimes it takes multiple days to clean the affected area if the damage is severe. However, the restoration process follows these steps,

  • Damage Inspection
  • Classification
  • Estimation
  • Categorization
  • Water Extraction
  • Structure Drying
  • Content Drying
  • Reconstruction

Effects of Water Damage on Your Property

Structural Damage: Prolonged water on a porous surface will weaken the structure eventually leading to structural damage.

Mold & Mildew Growth: A damp surface creates the perfect environment for mold to grow making respiratory problems worse.

Electrical Hazard: The combination of water and electric components is life-threatening as water is a good conductor.

Damaged to Belongings: Upholstered furniture, carpet, electronics, and other personal belongings can be ruined due to prolonged exposure to water.

Initial Steps for Water Damage Restoration

Whenever you face water damage, it is important to prioritize your safety before taking any steps. You should do the following steps before calling a professional. However, you can avoid these steps if any of the steps seem threatening to you. Simply wait for professionals to come.

  • Turn off the electrical power supply for safety
  • Wear protective gear like gloves, boots, and a mask to minimize exposure to contaminants
  • Move the furniture to minimize the damage
  • Documenting the Damage for Insurance

ServiceMaster Professional Restoration experts work directly with the insurance company. After any water damage, Our professionals will assess the whole area along with documentation. Photos and videos of the affected area will be taken for the fair insurance claim. We will file the claim on time with proper documentation. Let us take the burden for you.

Act Now to Restore Your Damaged Property!

Water damage is something that gets worse over time. The longer you wait the worse the situation will be. Thus it’s better to call a professional as soon as you suspect any water damage. For your water-damaged property rely on ServiceMaster Professional Restoration.

Our experts have more than 25 years of experience in effectively restoring your property. Just dial 732-800-6262 or else knock us online for any restoration including fire damage, storm damage, or any disaster restoration.