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Electronic Decontamination in Edison, Bridgewater, and East Brunswick

Water, fire, or mold can strike at your place and create a total disaster. This disaster damages your property and contaminates the electrical devices. The contamination of electric devices can happen from many things. Not only does this lower the performance of your device but also leads to health risks.

If you are experiencing something like that not sure how to get rid of this situation rely on us. ServiceMaster Professional Restoration Our experts will help you with any disaster restoration. You can trust us to restore your valuable items and properties.

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What Does Electric Contamination Includes?

It includes the process of removing contaminants from electronic devices to ensure safety and longevity. The Contamination can include:

Biological: Bacteria, viruses, or mold presence on the device can potentially lead to damage and health hazards.

Chemical: Dust, dirt, spills, soot, or corrosive substances might lead to damage or malfunctioning to the electronic device.

Physical: If there is any debris, water, or other physical subsistence then it would prevent the device from running properly.

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Importance of Electric Decontamination

Safety: Removing harmful things from the electronic device will ensure your safety while preventing potential health hazards.

Prevent Disaster: Electric decontamination will help you to prevent the possible fire disaster due to contamination.

Functionality: Cleaning will remove contamination and allow the device to function properly.

Data Security: Before any data recovery or disposal of devices it's necessary to decontaminate the device.

Environmental Regulations: Decontamination of electrical devices helps to minimize contamination of the environment.

Extend Lifespan: Electric contamination extends the lifespan of your device while reducing the maintenance need.

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Electronic Decontamination Process

Assessment & Preparation: After turning the device off a thorough inspection is done. After that cleaning method is selected that is suitable for the device.

Decontamination: To maintain safety the device is decontaminated using the chosen method. After that, we dry it completely to prevent secondary damage. In this process, experts also disinfect the device to remove germs and bacteria.

Functionality Test: A functionality test is done to ensure its best health.

Final Inspection: A final inspection is done to make sure everything is done properly.

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Electronic Decontamination Method

Physical Cleaning: Use appropriate solutions vacuuming, brushing, and wiping. Disinfection wi also done to kill the germs and bacteria.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: High-frequency sound waves are used to remove contamination.

Solvent Cleaning: Specialized solvents are used to remove specific types of contamination.

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Electric Contamination & Possible Health Issues

Electric contamination might lead to many health issues. When a device is contaminated there might exist soot, mold, dirt, or other things. This thing might worsen the respiratory disease.

Sometimes it can also lead to skin infection if it harbors bacteria like E.coli. The dirt or dust buildup in the device can also lead to eye irritation. Additionally, if your immune system is weak then things might get worse for you.

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Professional Post-Disaster Inspection

It's better to call a professional to inspect your place after any disaster. Some damages are easy to identify. However, hidden damages like hidden contamination are hard to identify. These issues linger for a long time and lead to severe damage.

Professionals help you to identify these issues while providing effective solutions to them. Thus, it's an ideal decision to get your place checked by a professional after any disaster.

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Avoid DIY Methods for Electric Decontamination

The aftermath of any disaster is so overwhelming that you might have the urge to tackle the cleaning yourself. However, when it comes to electric decontamination attempting a DIY solution is a bit risky and troublesome. An improper cleaning solution or method might lead to permanent damage to your device.

Moreover, without proper knowledge and skills, it would be hard for normal people to clean the device effectively. You might also fail to address the hidden issues that might destroy your device in the future. Thus, it's better to rely on a professional for effective restoration and decontamination of electric devices.

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Other Restoration Services We Provide

At ServiceMaster Professional Restoration, our expert certified professionals are available 24/7/365. You can rely on our experts for any disaster restoration. Our disaster restoration services include:

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