Lady professional doing post construction cleanup servicesWhat Goes Into a Post-Construction Cleaning Process?

A construction project can be an exciting time, as it brings about something new. It can entail a new home, an extension to an office, or a new business location. But the construction process can also entail lots of dust, debris, and other things that need cleaning.

The post-construction process can be a hassle for many people. But we at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration can help you handle whatever post-construction cleaning needs you may have in your area. The process includes handling many efforts to ensure your new place is clean and beautiful.

Dust All Surfaces

Construction dust can come from anything from a crew tearing apart surfaces to a team installing new items and connections. The post-construction cleaning process should include dusting all surfaces and clearing out debris. All windowsills, air diffusers, and molding materials will require dusting.

Vacuuming and Cleaning Floors

Your floors will also require cleaning after the construction process is complete. Vacuuming works well at the start to clear out the more massive bits of debris. Some floors will also need to be mopped to clean out some of their deeper stains.

Light Cleaning

A new building can feature beautiful light fixtures that add a touch of life to a spot. But the light fixtures may also require cleaning. A cleaning effort can clear out dust from the light fixtures and polish all bulbs, ensuring they can produce the cleanest and brightest possible lights.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning entails targeting specific spaces that have stains. It often works on floors where there might be a paint stain or a sticky material stuck in a place. But it could also work on walls, especially if there’s a water stain somewhere. Post-construction cleaning can include a spot cleaning process that targets these small spots before they can settle in and become impossible to remove without replacing a surface altogether.

Clearing Cabinets

All cabinets need inspecting to ensure there are no bits of debris leftover. Sometimes construction workers might leave nails and other items in these cabinets by accident. A cleaning process will check each cabinet and ensure everything is steady and level while also clearing out whatever leftover debris may remain.

Polishing Fixtures

Your new property can include many fixtures like doorknobs, sink handles, light switches, and even elevator buttons. These are sensitive spaces that need regular cleaning and sanitation to ensure they are safe to touch. A post-construction cleaning plan will include cleaning off these fixtures and getting through their deepest openings. The work is about preventing dust or other allergens from sticking around.

The post-construction cleaning process is easy when you reach us at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration for help. The work will cover everything that might be left in a spot after a construction job is complete.