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Pack-Out Services in East Brunswick, Bridgewater, & Edison

The possessions at your home or office in New Jersey will be damaged during a fire, flood, major storm, or major accident. As part of our content cleaning & restoration services, our IICRC-certified technicians provide pack-out services for your damaged contents in BridgewaterSomersetEdison, East Brunswick, and other NJ cities in Middlesex, Somerset, Union, Mercer & Hunterdon counties.

Pack-out services will help you move your belongings from your property to our safe cleaning facility while your property is under repair. The service will ensure your items remain in check while restoration work is ongoing at your property. Our team at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration will be there to support you in every step of the pack-out effort and many damaged items can be cleaned & repairs with our content cleaning & restoration services. To learn more, call 732-800-6262 or click here to make an appointment..

The Benefits of Pack-Out Services by ServiceMaster in New Jersey

Pack-Out Services

The first step in any pack-out service is collecting damaged or imperiled items. All collected items are evaluated, sorted, and packed to ensure they remain safe while in transit. Some items may be salvaged. Others may not. The benefits of pack-out services include:

Secure Storage: All items are delivered to a climate-controlled environment where they can be reviewed. The area is free from humidity, ensuring that your items won’t experience further damage. All items are kept separate from other materials at the site.

Analysis of Each Item: The pack-out team will review items and categorize them based on what can and cannot be salvaged. Anything that the team cannot salvage can go to your insurance company as part of your claim.

Cleaning & Restoration: All items that can be salvaged will then be cleaned and restored before being placed in storage again. Our team at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration uses proper odor-removing & disinfecting materials to restore the appearance and functionality of your items.

Tracking is Necessary: Pack-out services will keep tabs on everything in your home through a suitable inventory report. We can record data on each item we treat and where we are storing those materials. Our work ensures you won’t lose anything in the restoration effort.

Moving Back: You can have your restored items moved back to your property after resolving the property damage at your home or office.

Count on ServiceMaster for Pack-Out Services in Edison & East Brunswick, NJ

Pack-out services are critical for protecting and preserving your items following property damage. To learn more, call us at 732-800-6262 or click here to make an appointment ASAP for emergency pack-out services at your property in Hillsborough, Edison, or Somerset.