Biohazard SignBiohazard cleaning is the removal of biological hazards. This includes blood, bodily fluids and airborne pathogens that can cause harm to your health or safety. We can deal with any situation. Often, biohazard cleaning is needed in the wake of a trauma such as a crime scene and death or even a pandemic.

Only trained and experienced companies should take on biohazard cleaning such as ServiceMaster Professional Restoration. Our team is well trained at decontamination cleanup. Even though we are a locally owned company, we have resources from ServiceMaster to ensure we have the right equipment and cleaning chemicals to get the job done right and safely.

We follow OSHA regulation to ensure complete compliance. Your health and that of our employees is a top priority.

What are some examples of biohazards?

  • Hoarding situation that contains hazardous materials. This included animal and human feces, urine and decomposing waste or hazardous chemicals.
  • Crime scene cleanup may contain blood, human waste, hazardous chemicals.
  • Suicide & death cleanup. A professional cleanup crew can safely remove blood or other contaminated surfaces to ensure the area is safe again.