ServiceMaster Professional Looking at mold damaged place Mold can grow rapidly and is becoming a big concern for homeowners, property manages, insurance providers and restoration companies. Whenever there is excessive moisture present indoors, mold can grow in as little as 48 hours. The moisture in the air can be the result of a variety of reasons such as a flood, a slow leak, a broken pump or even just high humidity. All of these can be the cause of mold. Whether you can visibly see mold or your home or business smells like mildew, call us now! We have certified technicians and trained professionals standing by 24/7 to asses the situation and get it remediated as soon as possible.

If no action is taken, overtime the mold can breakdown and destroy whatever surface it is growing on. Mold also poses a huge health risk. By attempting to clean the mold without proper training, you could release the spores, possible worsen the problem and cause a higher health risk and can be a major contributing factor to poor indoor air quality and allergies.

ServiceMaster Professional Restoration technicians can be on-site within hours to access the issue, estimate the time to clean and identify how much more mold might be unseen. Our technicians complete extensive training and are prepared to handle any area affected by mold.

We can handle all jobs, no matter how small or large. You can count on ServiceMaster Professional Restoration to help restore your peace of mind.