Hoarding Cleanup Provides Help With Dignity

a room with hoarding cleanup services needed Hoarding is a legitimate mental concern that can be sensitive to many people. We at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration understand that people hoard items for many reasons. Some people might become mentally unstable, or they may not understand that it’s fine to part with one’s possessions after a while. It is a legitimate mental disorder that needs control, whether it entails therapy, medication, or general training.

Hoarding is treatable and can improve over time, but part of the effort includes helping someone learn to clear out the old waste left in one’s home. We at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration can help clean hoarding situations of all sizes.

Managing All Levels of Hoarding

Hoarding cleanup is suitable for all levels of hoarding, including the most severe ones. Hoarding can start with people having compulsive needs to keep certain items. But after a while, that person may develop many issues that can spread throughout a home:

  • Significant odors
  • Surface stains left by old items
  • Damages to a property, including weakened walls, floors, and other surfaces harmed by excess waste or other materials
  • Human waste stains caused by poor hygiene
  • Organic debris be left throughout, including rotting foods and even dead animal bodies
  • Excess debris that might become a fire hazard

A restoration group will clean all of these things left behind by a hoarder. A team can also remove any odors, stains, and other materials that might show signs of hoarding. We at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration can inspect the situation with dignity and find a suitable solution for restoring a property to its pre-hoarding layout.

Managing the Debris Well

Sometimes the debris in a hoarding project can include items that might have been lost. A restoration team will analyze the debris and plan work over many points:

  • Finding lost valuables, including old jewelry, money, and other items that might be suspected lost
  • Safely moving things out of a home, including clearing out any bits of human or organic waste left in a space
  • Identifying sensitive documents or papers that need shredding
  • Sorting recyclable items, including figuring out if some items are safe to recycle
  • Donating materials if possible; some old pieces of clothing can be donated if they are safe and sanitized, for example

Help Is Necessary For All Hoarders

Hoarding is a real problem, but it doesn’t have to be a problem forever. Talk with someone you know who is hoarding about the issue, and express that you are willing to help. Talk about the safety concerns, and encourage the hoarder to seek professional help for the issue.

You can also reach us at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration to help clean the hoarder’s space when that person is ready. We will be there to respectfully and safely help with the recovery process.