ServiceMaster professionals on Packout services duty

Pack-Out Services Are Essential For All Your Assets Following Property Damage

The contents around your home or business site could be in jeopardy after you experience property damage. Whether it entails water, fire, or mold damage, your belongings could be harmed due to many threats. These include smoke damage, excess humidity, or even the risk of mold spores spreading throughout a space.

Pack-out services will help you remove your belongings from your property while it is under repair. The service will ensure your items remain in check and that everything in your space stays in check. Our team at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration will be there to support you in every step of the pack-out effort.

Collecting the Items

The first part of hiring pack-out services is to have someone collect your items. All items in your property are evaluated, sorted, and packed to ensure they remain safe while in transit. Proper evaluation is necessary for ensuring anything that was damaged won’t experience further harm when you move those items.

Secure Storage

All items are then delivered to a climate-controlled environment where they can be reviewed further. The area will be free from humidity and air concerns, ensuring these belongings won’t experience further damage. All items are kept separate from other materials on the same site.

Analysis of Each Item

The pack-out team will then review items and categorize them based on what can and cannot be salvaged. We at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration understand what can go into a safe material versus something that needs replacing.

Anything that the team cannot salvage can go to your insurance company. The group can review these to ensure you can receive a proper replacement or another reimbursement over anything you cannot recover.

Cleaning and Restoration

All items that can be salvaged will then be cleaned and restored before being placed in storage again. Our team at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration can use the proper odor-removing and disinfecting materials to restore the appearance and functionality of anything we can manage.

Tracking Is Necessary

Pack-out services will also keep tabs on everything in your home through a suitable inventory report. We can record data on each item we treat and where we are storing those materials. Our work ensures you won’t lose anything in the restoration effort.

Moving Back

You can ask to get your items moved back to your property after resolving the property damage at your location. You can get them delivered straight to your building, although you could also take individual items yourself if they are too sensitive.

Pack-out services are critical for protecting and preserving your items following property damage. Contact us at ServiceMaster Professional Restoration if you have further questions about how the effort works and what can work to restore or save your items.